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ke b▓efore.Full text: China´s Actions for Disaster Prevention and ReductionBEIJING, May 11 (Xinhua) -- The Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, published a white paper titled "China's Actions for Disaster Prevention

effects cinemas and five themes

and Reduction" Monday. Following is the full text: Contents DPRK top leader calls for escalating science, technologyBRUSSELS -- China has made strides in science and technology in the past 30 years since the country adopted the policy

of display, named 'Children's Sc

of reform and opening up in 1978, a Belgian Chinese professor told Xinhua in a recent interview.China has made notable improvements in science and technology, from rocket launching, manned spacecraft and space exploration to electroni▓cs, information technology, chemistry and medicine, said Su Baolian, professor at Namur University in Belg


ium▓ since 1995.Su came to Belgium for post-doctoral studies at Namur University in 1993. He began his teaching career at the university two years later and became the un▓iversity's life-long professor in 2004, the younge▓st ever at the university. Su won t

he prest


igious A▓ldophe Wetrems Prize given by the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences in 2007.Su said the design, manufac▓turing, launching and tracking of rockets and spacecraf▓t all rely on high technology, which serves as a genera▓l indicator of a country's strength in science and technology.China's a

chievements in


these areas indicate that the country is now among the world leaders in advanced material science, electronics, advanced manufacturing, computer s▓cience, optoelectronics and meteorology, he added.He believed that China's rocket technology and manned ▓space technology have also helped to promote nation▓al pride among the Chinese people and China's image across the world. This progress will contribute to global spac

e science, h

ience Paradise',

'Glory of China',

e said.Su, who specializes in inorganic c▓hemicals, said China's progress in the field of nanotechnology has become world-renowned and has improved the profile of overseas Chinese scientists.With nanotec


hnology, China now can produce a wide range of products, from self-cleaning silk ties and kerchiefs to self-cleaning glass, tiles and paint, according to Su.He also recalle▓d that Chinese scientists were barel

n and Discovery', 'Sci

y visible in international science circles by the early 1990s, and▓ the situation has changed since he settled down

ence, Technology a

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in Belgium.Today, Chinese scientists are organizing inter▓national conferences and are holding important positio▓ns in international science organizations, which reflected the elevated profile

of the Chinese science society and▓ reinforced China's scientific

nd Life' an▓d '

strength, he said.Full text: Protection and Dev

The Challenges and the Fut

elopment of Tibetan CultureBEIJING, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Information Office of▓ China's State Council on Thursday issued a white paper ▓titled "Pr

otection and Development of Tibetan Culture".▓ Fo

ure'.Deputy curator X▓in Bing s

llowing is the full text of the document: Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture 銆€銆€Contents Foreword▓ I. Learning, Use and Development of the Spoken and Writt

en ▓Tibetan Languages II. Inheritance, Protection

aid, 'The new museum featu

and Promotion of the Tibetan Cultural Heritage III. Religious Beliefs and Native Customs Respected IV. All-round

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